Brothers, Ion and Mikel Zapiain, heirs of the emblematic Basque cider house Zapiain and friends of ours, have recently been recognised among the 50 young people destined to revolutionise the world’s gastronomic scene.

The prestigiousThe World’s Best 50 Restaurants

has celebrated the hospitality industry for many years, annually ranking the best restaurants in the world. Now the organisation is looking ahead recognising future stars in the gastronomical world with a new list –50 Next. A list of young people under 35 selected as “they are already changing the world of gastronomy in unique and interesting ways”.

These brothers from Gipuzkoa in the Basque Country have been selected among 700 strong applicants from 34 countries. As producers, they are recognised for continuing the innovative

philosophy that has always characterised this family; investigating and diversifying a product with roots and tradition. According to 50Next, the brothers “are a discovering the true potential of a drink that has traditionally been associated with old customs and local traditions”.



Beyond the interesting initiatives that this new generation bring us such as “Bizi-Goxo” ice cider; or “Joanes de Zapiain”, it should be noted that the commitments to innovation has not made their feet leave the ground as they have continued to successfully produce cider with as much care and tradition as previous generations.

The story is long and the history between the Zapiain surname and the Sagardoa dates back to 1595 where there is evidence of a judgment in favour of the Donostia City Council over Juanes de Zapiain. The judgement indicates that “as long as he does not come and live within the walls of this city and was her neighbour, her ciders are not allowed”.


The classic cider, the Zapiain that we have been serving in Sagardi for more than 25 years, is made only with Basque apple juice. It does not contain sulphites or preservatives, the touch of carbon dioxide that you can somewhat taste is the result of its own, pure fermentation.

So, it is a pure and authentic product, a cider true to its origin from over 500 years ago.

The ideal companion next to a grilled old beef txuleton, fried cod or a traditional “Roxario” style cod omelette.

A long and refreshing drink with the flavour of a job well done, which can be enjoyed at Sagardi.



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