Farmhouse tomatoes from our gardens, green Ibarra chilli peppers, marmitako (fisherman’s stew) with “bonito” fish from the port of Hondarribia … the new summer menu is here!

Summer is a time when you really get to appreciate Basque Cuisine in all its fine glory. At SAGARDI Group we take full advantage of this season during a time when the region’s rugged coastlines and charming land provide some of the most wonderful produce. Some of the greatest and most iconic dishes include a variety of tomatoes at their peak, green chilli peppers from Ibarra and white “bonito” fish marmitako.


The green Ibarra chilli peppers are the true star in the Basque gardens, a wonder that the Basque people await every summer as a gastronomic treasure. These come from our own gardens and are collected before they reach 12 cm so they can retain all their tenderness.

Appreciated for their taste, our green Ibarra chilli peppers are pan fried for a mere 30 seconds and simply seasoned with salt; an uncomplicated and favourite summer starter.

The mild temperatures and abundant rainfall of the Basque Country are the ideal conditions for our own SAGARDI gardens to produce a variety of the best tomatoes. Handpicked at the peak of their ripeness and maturity so they can be presented at our tables packed with punches of intense, succulent and sweet flavours.

Marmitako with white “bonito” fish is another incredibly popular and typical Basque dish that is one of our favourites, quite simply; a fisherman’s hearty boat stew brimming with flavour. Renowned for its simplicity and richness, marmitako uses potatoes, vegetables and freshly caught white “bonito” fish from the ports of Hondarribia.

The white “Bonito” fish that is caught and served in our restaurants comes from our trusted fishermen in the Basque Country on their boat “Itsas Lagunak” (Friends of the Sea). Each season, they provide us with the best “Bonito del Norte” from the Basque Country.

Desserts stick to the Basque Country traditions too and we are in love with our new seasonal dessert; Roasted peaches from Tudela stuffed with vanilla cream and served with lemongrass ice cream. On egin!