This coming weekend a 3 day international festival (from 3-5 September) will be held at Tobacco Dock in East London, bringing together some of the world’s best live-fire chefs including our very own Mikel Lz from Viñaspre from our restaurant in Shoreditch.


Meatopia is undoubtedly one of the greatest festivals for meat lovers. A meeting point for different gastronomic cultures who share the same passion of celebrating sustainable, quality meat and fire.

We will be cutting and roasting more than 350kg of our well-known old cow txuleton, which is fast becoming a staple must-eat in the city’s capital.


The continued participation of Sagardi in the last few editions of the festival have been an amazing boost for the international projection of the concept of the Basque txuleton.



A fantastic opportunity to explain to the world why, although the trend is to roast young animals for most, the Basques give gastronomic value to the retired, fat, cattle. And publicize the social, cultural and gastronomic value of txuleton.