Not surprisingly, Idiazabal Cheese was awarded the status of “European Gourmand Heritage” by the French Ministry of Agriculture in 1992. In October 1993, the International Academy of Gastronomy awarded the Gold Medal of Idea Sabal Cheese as one of the best cheeses in Europe. And in 1995, he won the highest award of “Best European Sheep Cheese” at Parma. From there, it continues to add awards at national and international levels, and the Idiazabal Appellation is recognized as one of the best sheep cheeses in the world.

Our mountain cheese from Aralar

Its origin is in our green landscape. It’s the same Latxa and Carranzana sheep that have been bred for over 8000 years, and is a native species that makes this precious and recognized cheese from raw milk.

Goieri, meaning “highlands,” is based on its gastronomic culture based on land and seasonal products. And don’t be afraid that the Goyeri gems are delicious cheeses made from Lazza sheep milk grown in the Aralar Range and Aizkorri pastures. This cheese is named after Idiazabal, one of the villages in the region.

Idiazabal cheese production extends to the Golbeia Nature Park (between Biskaya and Araba), the Lyanada Arabesa region and parts of Navarra.

Latxa sheep reared in the pastures of the Aralar Mountains

The Origin Name was created in October 1987 to protect the market reserved for all genuine Idiazabal cheese makers and to ensure consumers the origin and quality of Basque and Navarra.

The denomination controls the origin of milk and the quality of cheese from both a physicochemical and hygienic point of view (milk purity, no place for mixture, fat, pathogens, etc.) As well as taste, there is a tasting committee, which, thanks to their experience, is gathering a group of people who are able to control the typical characteristics of this cheese.

To ensure that all requirements are met, the Regulatory Council certifies the product with a red ribbon and a sticker on its label.

In Sagardi, this cheese comes directly from two Basque Shepherds (John and Martina). They give sheep the first spring pasture on on Aralar Mountains, at an altitude of 1.000 metres. A rare treat available only to our friends and customers.