The bar purveying pintxos from Donostia is one of the hallmarks of popular Basque culture. Tiny bites crafted with seasonal products, ideal for savouring with a fine wine in a group of friends, pintxos are a venerable tradition in the Basque Country, a way of socialising and a wonderful way of enjoying life.


Over our 20 years of experience, at SAGARDI we have developed an essential tool in our kitchen, the Basque grill. With its own unique design, the Basque grille is a basic element in the Basque Country’s prestigious cuisine, the outcome of the knowledge and tradition of the grillmasters of the Basque Country. The grill is the true heart of our restaurant.


At SAGARDI Basque Country Chefs we offer a concept of txuletón that the Basque grillmasters have perfected over many years. We select our red meats from among the mature, fattened steers and cows that are at their peak flavour. Their clean flavours evoke the scent of the land, milk and pasture, spurring us to keep eating as the palette never tires of the flavour. In short, it is an honest, natural, healthy product.


Every day the best fresh wild fish reaches the SAGARDI table from the Cornwall ports, ready to be grilled. The rugged coast of the Cantabrian Sea in the Basque Country is famous for its outstanding fish. Pure flavours of sea and saltpetre that we cook with utter respect and care.


The farmhouse is at the heart of the bountiful Basque countryside, carefully cultivated land that is the outcome of generations of hard work by our Basque farmers. With scarce, rugged farmlands, a wide range of seasonal products are produced from the farms to enrich our dishes.