We are undoubtedly living in a historical moment in which life has been accelerated to unprecedented levels.

This “fast-life” approach, adopted by the likes of Netflix and Amazon, has made immediacy a generalised demand to which we give in, influencing more and more our way of doing things.

We let ourselves be seduced by the comfort of ease and accessibility; but also detachment and a standardization of taste.

With “everything everywhere” you will find that the “everything” ends up being all the same. We propose a return to the old, trusty flavours and way of life, which upon one bite, tells you about the place, its people, their way of living life, their characters, customs and origins.

In our fight against speed and haste, we reclaim the quiet, understated pleasures and enjoy what is slowly simmered rather than microwaved.

What better way to do this than with a good “sofrito” like the flagship recipe of the “xup-xup” from the kitchen cooked without a necessity for hurrying or urgency.


Here we leave you with the recipe for a deeply rich “sofrito” sauce which we would accompany with our Bonito del Norte. A perfect tomato-based recipe to enjoy during the tomato season or can be stored in a bain-marie to enjoy all year round.




1 KG of seasonal tomatoes (we recommend pear or teardrop tomatoes)
1 KG of onions
2 garlic cloves
2 bay leaves
Extra virgin olive oil
Ground black pepper
Brown sugar



· Finely chop the onions and sauté them in extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of salt and brown sugar. Maintain a medium-low heat (160º) and wait for the onion to take on an intense honey colour.

· Chop the garlic cloves and add them to the pan to brown.

· Clean, peel and crush the tomatoes to create a tomato puree texture, add to the pan and lower the heat to simmer.

· Add the bay leaves (or the desired seasoning i.e. chorizo pepper, basil or nutmeg).

· Wait for all the flavours to mix well and for the excess water from the tomatoes and onions to evaporate (do not add additional water).

· Take a moment to enjoy the aroma of the “xup-xup” and help yourself to a glass of wine to whet your appetite and liven up the wait.

· Season the sauce, and if necessary correct the acidity with extra brown sugar.