When we think about Euskadi, it is automatic to think of the wealth of its lands and the gastronomy that it brings but what is not to be overshadowed are the spectacular wines belonging to the Rioja region or the famous Txakoli.

The history of Basque wines can be linked to the Romans, Phoenicians and Celtiberians, who commercially utilised the vines and its juices. It is from there, we inherited the tradition of the grape harvest, a custom with strong family roots that is celebrated in Rioja Alavesa.

The grape reaches the perfect point of maturation in autumn at which point the entire territory is turned over to its harvest in order to start the production of a new vintage. Thousands of years of tradition which has been passed down through generations and unbreakable teamwork is what maintains the mark of the past with modern and current adaptations.



Tradition is also what makes the precious Txakoli what it is today with its acidic touch characterised by the autochthonous variety hondarribi zuri. Many of these vineyards are located on slopes overlooking the sea of great scenic beauty where it is possible to enjoy activities along with food and wine experiences.

The history of wine has marked the way for many towns in the Basque Country, as they get to know the character of each one, discovering the true experience it offers to lovers of wine and tourism. 

On this website, you will find all the information you need to discover the culture of wine in Euskadi https://tourism.euskadi.eus/en/wine-holiday 



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