If something differentiates Euskadi (Basque Country) among the other tourist destinations, it is the strong bond with itsgastronomy. The culture, the environment, the history and the traditions are all directly connected to the gastronomy. This is the common interest that unites and gives meaning to everything related to what is ours.

The roots of the Basque gastronomy come from the most traditional customs. It comes from the arrantzales (fishermen), who spent months – even years – at sea, to bring quality fish to our land. But also, from the baserritarras (villagers) who dedicate themselves solely and exclusively to baserri (the farmhouses) so families can eat fresh meat, cheese and vegetables.

And what can we say about the hard work of the harvest, the sacrifice that the grape harvest entails and the collection of it to strive for good, quality wine. This dedication proudly gives us internationally recognized wines, like the famous txakoli which is a credit to the Basque Country and a fine example of a winery with its own identity.



Care and nurture for the product is one the things that has remained in the Basque culture since ancient times. The most majestic recipes come from the Basque Country that have been passed down from generation to generation so that today, they can be tasted and enjoyed in the most renowned restaurants by the best chefs.



The txikiteo (bar crawl), popular carnivals, going out for pintxos, the acclaimed txotx (opening the tap of a huge barrel on its side and capturing the cider that pours out from metres away), the fairs with talos and txakoli and enjoying typical food like txistorra (Basque sausage) in Sasikoipatsu … are just some examples of how we socialize in the Basque Country. All the festivities and celebrations are linked to gastronomy – the solstice, the town festivities, the saints and patrons … and even the San Lovers, everything is celebrated with quality food.



Some ways have changed, but not the core. The producers continue to have the same delicacy with the product, the recipes maintain their authentic essence and dedication and our gastronomy continues to be a delight. The identifying values of Basque gastronomy have passed the test of time and it shows. Don’t miss out  – (watch video)


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